Glamour Eyelash Lifting Kit
Glamour Eyelash Lifting Kit
Glamour Eyelash Lifting Kit
Glamour Eyelash Lifting Kit
Glamour Eyelash Lifting Kit

Glamour Eyelash Lifting Kit

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Get longer, fuller and stronger eyelashes in only a few STEPS!

Going to salon to have your lashes permed is expensive especially if you do it on a regular basis. Game is changed. You can now do it at home with the use of the complete Glamour Eyelash Lifting Kit.

The Glamour Eyelash Lifting Kit is a complete lashes perming solution to keep your lashes curled for livelier and lovelier eyes. They last for up to 2 months so a kit will be good to take care of your lashes for more than a year. It’s now time to save time and money spent in the salon.


  • Lashes on fleek:
    The kit has everything that you need to make your lashes on fleek.
  • "I woke up like this":
    You can wake up to lashes that look like you were born with naturally curled lashes.
  • Long-Lasting:
    It is made of premium quality ingredients making your lash lift lasts for 6-8 weeks.
  • Time-Saver:
    It saves you time curling your lashes from every morning and every time you go out.
  • Money Saver:
    It saves you a huge amount of money on getting your eye lash lifting at the salons, and it is usable for around 18-20 times.
  • Suitable for All Lashes:
    It works on either short or long lashes.


  • 1 Bottle x Perming lotion: enhances and allows the natural curl of your eyelashes.
  • 1 Bottle x Fixation lotion: strengthens and maintains the curl.
  • 1 Bottle x Nutrition lotion: revitalizes and nourishes your eyelashes.
  • 1 Bottle x Cleansing: clean all residue left on eyelashes.
  • 1 Bottle x Lash glue: is used to keep the lash pad in place.
  • 1 Pc x Y-Shape Tool: help blush and shape the eyelashes.
  • 5 Pairs x Lash pads: provide unique curling angles, 5 pairs included.


  • Color: White/Transparent
  • Weight: 125g
  • Package Size: 16cm x 11.7cm x 1.9cm


  • 1 Set of Glamour Eyelash Lifting Kit

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